Watch this incredible video of how I made $405,179.29 in just 45 days!
And yes, I'm still an innocent 16 year old girl :)


And no, those massive income floods is NOT a one-time fluke! Check out the screenshot
below to see just how much money I've made in from July 8th, 2010 to July 15th, 2010.
I will update this screenshot every single 2 weeks to let you see that my
mammoth income stream is not a one-hit wonder. It's consistent, every single day!

Note: Click on the picture above to see a larger image!
Screenshot of my income from affiliate internet marketing from July 8th, 2010 to July 15th, 2010.

That's $92,963.02 in my pocket in the last 7 days, and I never even had to leave home for it!
Feel free to check back here at end of July as I update a new screenshot of how much more I've earned!

Attention: Rich 16 year-old girl bares-it-all on her ultimate secret to generating instant flash-floods of cash online from home every day¡Kwithout ever knowing a damn thing about internet marketing!

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My name is Carol Nguyen. Yes, I'm 16. Yes, I'm rich. Yes, I'm bratty. Yes, I'm spoiled. Call me whatever you like!

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3. Hang out with friends, enjoy a relaxing day!

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No, I'm no child prodigy, kid genius, or academics star. In fact, the only "A" I was ever able to consistently get in class was in kindergarten when we were writing down the letters of the alphabet!

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And the best part is that I STILL don¡¦t know ANYTHING about web design or coding. I don¡¦t have any specialized knowledge. And I still haven't even finished a high school education! (who needs it anyway!)

"School Sucks, But Job Sucks Even Harder...
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It was just a few years ago that I was completely broke. Of course, every teen is broke, but being broke for me was never acceptable. And if you're broke....EWWWww! [Click the play button to hear me say EWWww! ]

Okay fine: we've all been broke! I was once too. It wasn't until when my parents took me to Wal-Mart one day before high school started that I discovered something really fascinating...

I came in looking for a new jacket that day, but I walked out with a glimmering light bulb off the top of my head...

As a teen I'm always super self-conscious of the brands I wear. But as I was walking down the winter wear aisle of Wal-Mart checking out all the brands of jackets on every shelf, it quickly struck me that not one single brand I saw had a Wal-Mart label on it.

And as I ventured throughout the store, it was becoming apparent to me that Wal-Mart does not make ANY of the products they sell! Here's this mega-store of the world that's the symbol of American success. Yet, they don't make a single product in which they market!

Wal-Mart boarded the fast-track to prosperity by selling other people's products. Here's when my curiosity started: Why shouldn't I be doing the same?

Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. The only difference is, I sell other people's products online, with no overheads, no start-up costs, no risks, no nonsense, and earth-shattering profits!

(Oh and by the way, I don't buy my jackets from Wal-Mart anymore, haha!)

Hey - watch your mouth! [Click the play button to hear me slap you! ]

Okay, 16 may not be a big number, but $200,000.00 sure is. That's how much I made from affiliate marketing on the internet in in just under one week! Have I gotten your attention now?

Good! Check out my income below. This happened during a week where I was vacationing in Hawaii :)

Now, math was never really my thing in school, so feel free to check my math for yourself as I add up my profits for the week...


That's well over $207,000.00 I've amassed in my pocket from internet marketing in just ONE week!

Including one day where I made more than $73,000!

And the money just keeps pouring in like that... week after week after week!

But the really amazing part is that this is just the results from ONE of my accounts!

And I'm here to tell you that there are so MUCH MORE to be made on the internet every single day.

Of course, I have NO web design skills, NO experience, and I haven't even finished my high school education.

Hell, I'm not even old enough to go behind the wheels. And yes, my parents still give me a strict curfew! (just don't tell them that I sneak out anyway, LOL!)

But the truth is that I don't need to know any web design. I don't need any technical knowledge, and selling other people's products is something anybody of any age, experience, or background can do.

Once I put this method into effect, all I had to do was sit back and collect my checks... and they were HUGE ¡V even from the start!

I went from a lonely, depressed, broke teen to the Internet Millionaire Sensation!

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Note: Click on the picture above to see a larger image!

Note the date on these 2 paychecks. They were both received ON THE VERY SAME DAY!

That's $161,907.59 + $31,124.57 = $193,032.16 in my pocket in just 1 single day -- and that's just from only one out of my many Clickbank accounts!

AND I only invested a couple of hours each week ¡V and virtually NONE of my money.

Not to mention - I never even had to leave home!

Now, I MAY just be showing you my wealth to flaunt my success and brag about my first-rate lifestyle...

...Which is actually true, at least that's part of it, LOL!

But really, my smash-hit success is simply proof to you that a complete 16-year old newbie can use this system to unleash HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in income within just weeks....

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Did you finish school like your parents always said you should? cute. And how dumb, LOL! Luckily, fat fortunes on the internet don't require an education or a diploma - and you can be hired as boss as soon as you can blink an eye! Don't you wish you had known me before that last year of high school? Haha!

How many people have told you that success in life requires a lot of hard work?

But in reality, to really get ahead in life you probably need to kiss a lot of butts...

Luckily, you won't have to shake hands and compliment old men on their suits every day to amass exploding fortunes in affiliate marketing. Take advantage of my powerful system today, and you can let loose of all your past discouraging failures and start banking in runaway profits from the internet...

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Even if you have no web design, copywriting, or graphics experience...


Take action now and stop living broke, staying broke, and probably dying broke.

Are you ready for your life to completely change?

The Rich 16's $230,000 Bentley, before I've even obtained my license, haha :)


 The Rich 16's $140,000 Maserati Quattroporte. I use it to learn how to drive

Imagine supplementing your income with THOUSANDS each week.

Imagine being able to hit the refresh button on your browser and magically see thousands in heart-pounding profits miraculously appear in front of your eyes, as your friends and family sit behind, gazing their eyes and dropping their jaws in total awe¡K

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Can you imagine how different your life will be when money will no longer be a concern in your life? Do you think you can handle this MAJOR life change?

If the answer is yes, then keep reading and let me expose to you the astonishing secrets to my extraordinary online success...


When I first dove my head into affiliate marketing, I wasn¡¦t sure HOW I was going to start earning money online... I wasn¡¦t sure WHAT system or what method I was going to use... but I knew that I deserved to earn that income without all those damn homework from a bunch of teachers who couldn't find a higher paying job in life...Blah!

I thought life would be much better to just work a few hours from home a week to grab a paycheck the size of your years in labor...

Jealous? Good! If I were you, I'd be mad as hell too!

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Outraged as you work your butt off hours a day for chicken feed each month

Furious that you spend more money on advertising, more money on junky products than you're actually making back?

Ready to give up because it seems you can't succeed with the next, big, useless product?

You are probably going through it right now. You're jumping from system to system.... trying every new idea you can find... hoping that one of them will pay off.

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The Rich 16-Year-Old's New Millionaire System will fully arm you to the brim with the ultimate weapon to affiliate marketing riches.

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Sure, you don¡¦t NEED my help. You could roll the dice and spend the next few weeks finding a nice little niche. You could spend days building a list of related and profitable keywords, and try your luck with an advertising campaign. Sure, you could try and find a product that matches your niche, drive traffic, and put some ads on your site. At the end of the month, you COULD make a few hundred bucks...if you're really lucky...awwww.....

"...Or You Can Be Like Me. I Don¡¦t Wait My Turn, I Don¡¦t Play By The Rules, And I Sure As Hell Don¡¦t Collect Meager Paychecks!"

These paychecks below were all received on THE VERY SAME DAY!

Note the date on these checks. They were ALL received on the same day. One check was for more than $173,000! Another check was for more than $78,000.

Oh gosh...I hate doing math. But when you receive paychecks this massive, it's tough not to add them up for fun!


That's $266,289.46 I pocketed in just 1 day! Of course, the REALLY amazing part is that I earned all of this money without knowing how to design a website, write any ads, or create graphics!

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Affiliate marketing is a merciless game. It's a dangerous hunt where those who are properly armed will get to sit back and endlessly feast on a limitless bounty, while those ill-equipped will forever be left behind...bitter, busted, broke.

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Want to see real, live results of the "Rich 16-Year-Old's New Millionaire System" in action?

Check this out! Mario Trifunovic from sent me the screenshot below of his Clickbank account after he made over $11,000 in his very first week of putting my system to use!

Mario Trifunovic from

Mario went from barely making peanuts a day to generating well over $11,000.00 in his very first week of putting the "Rich 16-Year-Old's New Millionaire System" to use!

And what's really incredible is that Mario was able to rapidly achieve these results starting from the very first day he used my system! On the next day, he immediately broke the $1,000 barrier. By the 3rd day, he's already cashing in on well over $2,000 before the stroke of midnight!

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You see, earning money online has NOTHING to do with the amount of effort that you put in. It has nothing to do with the amount of capital you shell out, and it has nothing to do with your level of skill...

If you want to become a TRUE online success thenIf you want to become a TRUE online success then you have to have the RIGHT system... it¡¦s just as simple as that!

For years I thought that internet marketing was all about getting ¡§lucky¡¨... but luck has nothing to do with your online success.

Just think about it for a minute...

Those top affiliate marketers who are earning jackpot fortunes every year on the internet (as in, ahem, sweet 16 ME! haha!). Do you think they are just ¡§lucky¡¨?

...Probably not!

Do you think that they work more hours than you do? Do you think that these ¡§gurus¡¨ put in more effort than you do?

Actually, they probably work much less!

So what is the secret that keeps these guys earning the big bucks ¡V week after week ¡V month after month?

The truth is that the ONLY reason ANYONE has been able to create massive income online is because they have the right system to follow.

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You won¡¦t be answering phone calls


You won¡¦t be dealing with angry customers


You won¡¦t be licking envelopes or sending spam mail.


You don¡¦t need any computer knowledge. 


There is no back end selling. 


You work when you want to work!


Get ready to spank your competitions silly until the red welts show up, chop them up to shreds, and rise atop a towering mountain of affiliate riches, as early as tonight!

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You don't need to have any leads


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You don't need any capital 


You don't need to invest any more than a couple of hours a week


You don't need any technical skills 


You don't need any experience  


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I work an hour or two each week, take vacations whenever I feel like it, while making my fortune online without ever selling my own product!

How it works is incredibly simple:

You find other people's products to sell.

Get people to see it.

Sit back and watch the hurricanes of sales and profits come gushing in!

But if money really is that easy, everybody and their pet would already be rich. What has made me wildly successful beyond my years isn't the idea behind the process, but it's the genius behind how I do it!

I'm a living my dream not because I can do it, but because I can do it better. Now I'm here to divulge to you the same dirty secrets that have catapulted me from teen loser to a self-made millionaire - and all without ever needing to leave home! The fact that you're able to read what I'm saying right now means that you, too, can achieve every bit of success as I have and more, starting as early as tonight!

Start throwing out all the rules on everything you¡¦ve ever been taught about affiliate marketing, as I¡¦m going to hold you by the hands and reveal to you every dirty secret I've used to scorch my competitions and rise atop a mountain of easy online riches. Expect to discover:

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How to find the best affiliate programs


10 ways to absolutely explode your sales with Adwords


My very own and personal "Triple A" System that I've used to amass a mountain of incinerating income every month 


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You already know that The Rich 16-Year-Old's ¡§New Millionaire¡¨ System is YOUR CHANCE at a new life, new income, and new freedom. You know that The Rich 16-Year-Old's ¡§New Millionaire¡¨ System contains everything that you need to start earning record-setting profits, TONIGHT!

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Look, I know...You don¡¦t have thousands to pay for seminars, multi part books, and DVDs full of junk. I may be a dirty, nasty marketer, but I know what it's like to live broke.

I¡¦ll give you an example of my lifestyle. I wake up every morning, or late afternoon, or whenever I want. I check my emails, check my earnings (and always grin!), and then I spend about an hour either thinking of new site ideas, or promoting another product.

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That¡¦s it. That's my entire agenda! My neighbors are jealous, my parents are proud, my friends pay me all of their respects. Oh, and you are green with envy, hah! Most importantly, I¡¦m happy. What would you pay for this kind of happiness, this kind of luxury?

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The Rich 16-Year-Old's ¡§New Millionaire¡¨ Guide is 2-part system.

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